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$750 Initial Start-up/ $125 per quarter)

A deep look into a web-page and its materials is an essential step towards making it fully accessible. Our new quarterly WCAG AA validation checker is a simple way to ensure that not only will your site meet the standards of the WCAG AA, but that it will continue to do so as your site goes through its own changes and updates.

Four times a year, we will update your site resolving issues which arise and update our WCAG AA Verification Logo with the revised date from your most recent check. This icon will be integrated into the footer of your website where it can proudly display your compliance efforts under the WCAG AA standards.

Through this process, you are ensured that your site is accessible to the public so that anyone can explore your company Online at ease.

*Applies to sites up to 30 pages. Additional fees applied to sites over this limit.